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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

internet is half dead

From valleywag.com:

365 Main, a datacenter on the edge of San Francisco's Financial District, is popular with Soma startups for its proximity and its state-of-the-art facilities. Or it used to be, anyway, until a power outage took down sites including Craigslist, Six Apart's TypePad and LiveJournal blogging sites, local listings site Yelp, and blog search engine Technorati. The cause? You won't believe it.

A source close to the company says:

Someone came in shitfaced drunk, got angry, went berserk, and fucked up a lot of stuff. There's an outage on 40 or so racks at minimum.

Whoever it is, while we like how you roll in theory, in practice, we'd appreciate it if you laid off the servers running websites we actually use.

We're sure 365 Main will deny that such a thing could ever happen. And, conveniently, the neighborhood is having power troubles, too. But here's a question: When you have several levels of redundant power, what could bring your customers' servers down other than something like an employee physically ripping the plugs out of the wall?


Now, add to this that netflix has been dead for over 24 hours now. An amazing day!

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